February 21, 2016

Monthly Meal Plan || Feb end & March

~ Aloha ~

Here is my meal plan for the remainder of February and all of March. Making some of our favorites and trying a couple new recipes.

Feb end & March's meal plan

21: Frozen cheese pizza with fresh sliced tomatoes and herbs  
22: Kung Pao Peanut Noodles
23: Caribbean Chicken Tacos  
24: Mac & Cheese
25: Leftovers 
26: Date Night
27: Saturday
28: Pan-seared pork chops, mash potatoes, green salad 
29: Scramble 

1: Costco trip 
2: Grilled cheese and pasta salad 
3: Slow-cooker honey sriracha Barbecue chicken sandwiches on Hawaiian sweet rolls  
Note: Make salsa. Whenever I have cilantro (used for above sandwiches), I'll make salsa with the leftover cilantro

4: Date Night
5: Saturday
6: Shredded beef sandwiches (serve on leftover HI sweet rolls) diced garlic potatoes 
7: Veggie rice bowls 
8: Crockpot chicken tacos (use salsa, made above, for this recipe) 
9: Big green salad with lots of fresh veggies
10: Leftovers  
11: Date Night
12: Saturday
13: Jalapeno popper pretzel dogs and green salad  
14: Pot Stickers and rice (make extra rice) 
15: Sesame chicken and rice (use leftover rice)
16: Kielbasa and green salad 
17: Leftovers
18: Date Night
19: Saturday
20: Roasted pork loin with spicy honey glaze and mash potatoes 
21: Mac & cheese 
22: Lime chicken sandwiches with guac and chipotle mayo 
23: Tacos using leftover shredded pork loin 
24: Leftovers
25: Date Night
26: Saturday
27: EASTER! 
28: Leftover Easter 
29: Baked Ziti 
30: Deli meat and cheese sandwiches 
31: Leftovers 

  • SIDES - I typically cut up fresh fruit and/or raw veggies each night 
  • Saturdays I leave open, then if anything gets switched up during the week whatever I had planned for that night we can have on Saturday. 
  • As with any meal plan it's always subject to change, but planning the month out doesn't take me much longer than planning a week out AND it cuts my grocery shopping down by more than half! I'll get all non-perishable staples for the whole month the first week, then do a quick fresh items trip the remaining weeks. 
  • Staples {not listed above} on my weekly/monthly list are {as needed}: Milk, eggs, peanut butter, jelly, sandwich bread, carrots, broccoli, apples, fresh spinach, bananas, yogurt, seasonal fruit, seasonal vegetable, coffee, cheddar cheese block, oatmeal, cereal, tortillas, tortilla chips, ramen, and peanuts. These items we pretty much always have in house, so for example, if there isn't something leftover on a leftover night we can make something using items from this list. Or if we really don't have something for the Saturday night, then we make something from this list.  
  • Monthly grocery budget: $300 +$20 each Friday for Date Night

Happy meal planning! If you have a recipe favorite, please post in the comment section. 
{you are beautiful and wonderfully made}