April 29, 2012

Spring Time!

I love this time of year, the excitement of Summer is everywhere....

I took a few pictures of our beautiful front yard displaying all of its wonderful colors.

Then in a few weeks I'll plant our out door potted flowers! Yippee!

April 13, 2012

Sephora opened today in Colorado Springs!

I'm soooooo excited! First 200 people in line got gift cards, I took an early lunch to try and get one....no such luck. But I'm glad its here!

JEWELRY JUNKIE: Pearls and Diamonds

I'm really loving stacking bracelets and watches right now. I have a number of pics on my Pinterest, follow me if you don't already.

Today is Pearls and diamonds, can't go wrong there!!

Earrings: Pearl buttons! I love these earrings, my little sister (well I pretend she is my little sister) she made them.

Pearls: Light pink a gift from my dad when he went to China - necklace, but it's long enough to wrap twice to use as a bracelet. $ gift
White- costume, won at a bingo party! Ha! Again this is a necklace that I wrap twice for bracelet. $ free
Tahitian- (dark grayish purple) gift for my 21st birthday. $ gift

Watch- Ecko brushed baby pink metal circled with rhinestones, I love this watch! My honey gave it to me for our wedding day, I go through these phases of watch obsessions. I like most Ecko watches...$100

Rings- White pearl like stones & rhinestones, I don't remember where I got this...I'm thinking Express or Nordstrom's Rack $20

Ring- Sterling silver long finger ring, I got this at a flea market in Colorado Springs made be a local jeweler. $40

Have a beautiful weekend everyone! I'm going to a warm weather vegetable growing class Saturday! Hopefully I will have a garden this summer.

April 7, 2012

APP LOVE: Parking Meter Timer "Parking Time"

Pretty rad, if you live downtown or ever use a parking meter this FREE app is perfect! It's called Parking Time.

You put in how long you have and it counts down for you, you also can have it give you a 5, 10, or how ever long you chose minute warning. Other dope features...notes, pin point your parking spot, it will even give you directions back to your spot with "find my car"!

Hope you love it as much as I do.

Birthday Milk!

What is birthday milk you ask? Well I guess this is just one of the weird things that makes me....well, me.

I'm not sure when I started doing this, but I can't remember not doing this...so back when I was a wee little tot, and bought milk on my own, so let me rephrase back when I was a rebellious 19 year old and at the grocery store to buy milk if it was anyone's birthday coming up, I would search through the milk looking for their birthday on the date stamped on the container... This became their birthday milk. It sucks when you look and can't find it, but when you do angels sing! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Then I think about that person and how special they are to me and maybe send them a text, letting them know, or just daydream on my own about the good times together.

This is something my adorable honey does for me now, if I ask him to get milk and it's close to my birthday he'll come home and say, "Look it's your birthday milk!" and I get all excited. Ahhhh...I know he loves me.

Well heres to you mom! Happy Birthday Milk, in honor of the glorious day you were born! I love you and think you're amazing!

PRODUCT LOVE: Chalkboard Wall Sticker

I just got this yesterday, LOVE!

A friend of mine, Trina, has a cute menu board in her kitchen. I admire it every time I'm at her house, so I've had this idea to make one. But then yesterday I was at Kohl's and found this! It's one of those wall stickers you see everywhere for decoration, but it's a chalk board!

It was very easy to put up just peel and stick! Then write on it with a piece of chalk, included. Can't be much easier than that. Normally $24.99, on sale for $9.19. Every time I walk by, I squeal a little because it's so cute!

Let me know if you get one and what you use yours for...menu, shopping list, todo list, phone messages...

April 6, 2012

APP LOVE: Dominos Pizza

I LOVE Domino's pizza, new crust is off the hook. Anyways, how could Domino's be better? Well an awesome app of course! Their app is perfect, you can look at specials, pick everything for each pizza, pay, and the best part.....are you ready? PIZZA TRACKER! Yeah! It tells you exactly what is happening, then you can arrive right when it comes out of the oven! Thank you Domino's!

EAT and KITCHEN GADGET: Blueberry Muffins and Microplane Zester

EAT: I LOVE blueberry muffins, so when I found this amazing recipe.... I was sold! I can't even buy blueberry muffins from a bakery anymore, because they are nothing compared to these. You guessed it Americas Test Kitchen again, these are fresh, taste like blueberry, have my always favorite lemon sugar crumble topping, and they are beautiful!

KITCHEN GADGET: Another thing I'd like to share is my favorite Microplane Zester, I got this for Christmas and it's amazing! Mine's baby pink, they have lots of colors, so it makes me feel super cute! Works great on citrus and nutmeg, that's all I've tried so far.

I hope you try this recipe!

Microplane Zester
Blueberry Muffins