May 6, 2012

EAT: Fried Mini Pecan Pies

Fried Mini Pecan Pies...Yummy! This is a Paula Deen recipe, I know you just hear her name and your mouth starts watering. They were easy to make but a little time consuming, if you have two people to make them it is faster; then one person can fill and one can fry. My sister was here on this day so we made them together. We served the pies with vanilla ice cream and she made a delicious cinnamon sauce to pour over the ice cream. We had a few leftover pies and I couldn't bear the thought of throwing them away, so I bagged them and put them in the fridge. My honey ate them the next day and he was in love, he said they tasted like the best pecan gooey cookies ever.

Why this recipe rocks-
 1. You use store bought pie crust, how easy is that!
 2. The leftover pies are better that them fresh, so perfect to make and take.
3. I had leftover filling that we heated up the next night and poured over vanilla icecream!

Hope you have fun making these!

P.S. We made them for Easter Dinner and had a fancy table, which was a great reason to use all of our fancy wedding gifts! So fun...


Paula Deen Pecan Pie Pockets

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