October 6, 2016

Retirement, what? Better start planning honey....

future self {heart}
A few months ago the husband said the statement to me, "we're closer to 50 than we are to 20". No, this can't be true....I love Hello Kitty and unicorns like I'm six, but, I did the math and it's true. 

As much as I love planning for the month or the year or the five year goal. I never really thought about my life as an cute old lady that calls everyone honey, other than how much gold chains and neck tattoos I want after 80. So here it goes, I know social security income will be something in the history books, I'm not a government employee or teacher, I don't work for some big corporation with company retirement plans, so nobody but me will be putting money aside for that wonderful life of retirement. {I'm not complaining, I love my employment situation, just realizing my responsibility to my future self.} 

All that to say, if you're thinking the same thing.....I found a good article that explains a Roth vs Traditional IRA, by NerdWallet

Welcome to adult life!

{you are beautiful and wonderfully made}

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