April 13, 2012

JEWELRY JUNKIE: Pearls and Diamonds

I'm really loving stacking bracelets and watches right now. I have a number of pics on my Pinterest, follow me if you don't already.

Today is Pearls and diamonds, can't go wrong there!!

Earrings: Pearl buttons! I love these earrings, my little sister (well I pretend she is my little sister) she made them.

Pearls: Light pink a gift from my dad when he went to China - necklace, but it's long enough to wrap twice to use as a bracelet. $ gift
White- costume, won at a bingo party! Ha! Again this is a necklace that I wrap twice for bracelet. $ free
Tahitian- (dark grayish purple) gift for my 21st birthday. $ gift

Watch- Ecko brushed baby pink metal circled with rhinestones, I love this watch! My honey gave it to me for our wedding day, I go through these phases of watch obsessions. I like most Ecko watches...$100

Rings- White pearl like stones & rhinestones, I don't remember where I got this...I'm thinking Express or Nordstrom's Rack $20

Ring- Sterling silver long finger ring, I got this at a flea market in Colorado Springs made be a local jeweler. $40

Have a beautiful weekend everyone! I'm going to a warm weather vegetable growing class Saturday! Hopefully I will have a garden this summer.

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