January 30, 2013

How Can 45 Cents Make a Difference? || Give Love Campaign

One of my really good friends sisters, Shannon and Rachel, started something so cool in Colorado Springs.

"An ongoing campaign with a commitment to documenting and sharing random 
acts of kindness towards others, launched to inspire and spread abundant 
LOVE like wildfire" ♥

It's an idea that for 30 days you do something each day for someone else and like they said it's growing like wildfire. On the fan page other people are also joining the "Give Love Campaign", and posting their days.

Posted by Shannon on Day 12 ~
"Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is." A woman reached out to us about a family she knows with an 8 year old son battling cancer. I spoke with her personally, this precious boy named Brayden is simply wishing that he gets some Valentine's Day cards this year. My daughter is 8, so this really touched my heart. For our Day 12 of the Give Love Campaign we made him homemade cards. His family would really love it if he received TONS of them! Would any of you be willing to make some? It's also a beautiful way to get your kids involved in spreading some love! And remember always to give love ♥"
Brayden Cantrell
915 Liberty Rd, Apt 202
West Liberty, KY 41472


This is an invitation to everyone, 45 cents will make a difference in Brayden's life. Teachers have your students make one, parents have your kids make one, fellow bloggers please spread the word!

Everyday we choose what kind of difference we are going to make in someone else life. Our words are so powerful...your smile might me the thing that stopped the cashier at the bank from committing suicide, it gave her hope to live another day. We all have stuff we carry around, but sometime we are so focused on our own stuff that we have blinders on to the world around us. If you think the world is unhappy and needs a positive change, it all starts with you. You can make a difference!

We make a choice everyday, every minute to be part of the problem or the solution, what are you choosing?

January 16, 2013

Grape Hair || Birthday Week

I love birthdays and on my birthday I celebrate for a whole week. Nothing extravagant but I'll spend any leftover Christmas gift cards. Spend any free stuff I have an loyalty cards. I sign up for anything that I get free stuff for my birthday, that's always nice.

I always get new hair and new polish. I very much need change in my life, so what better day to have new hair than your birthday!

I decided to do purple, well actually my sister said do purple. I just bleached out the remains of the pink I had and added this perfect purple. Manic Panic Purple Haze, I love Manic Panic. I also put it on the rest of my hair so it has a purple tint to blend better.

I think the most important thing I do on birthday week is be nice to myself. I make time for the face mask that never seems to happen. I don't plan stuff so I'm not rushing around not able to enjoy the day. I remind myself that I'm loved and that no one is a better me than me (thanks Jesus and Dr. Seuss) Happy Birthday Week!