January 16, 2013

Grape Hair || Birthday Week

I love birthdays and on my birthday I celebrate for a whole week. Nothing extravagant but I'll spend any leftover Christmas gift cards. Spend any free stuff I have an loyalty cards. I sign up for anything that I get free stuff for my birthday, that's always nice.

I always get new hair and new polish. I very much need change in my life, so what better day to have new hair than your birthday!

I decided to do purple, well actually my sister said do purple. I just bleached out the remains of the pink I had and added this perfect purple. Manic Panic Purple Haze, I love Manic Panic. I also put it on the rest of my hair so it has a purple tint to blend better.

I think the most important thing I do on birthday week is be nice to myself. I make time for the face mask that never seems to happen. I don't plan stuff so I'm not rushing around not able to enjoy the day. I remind myself that I'm loved and that no one is a better me than me (thanks Jesus and Dr. Seuss) Happy Birthday Week!



  1. Happy Birthday! I totally agree that a birthday celebration should last a least a week - with at least two cakes. Love the fun purple hair!

    1. Thanks! Can't wait to see your new hair!


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