July 11, 2012

Pantry Makeover

The other day me and my friend completely did a pantry makeover at her house. It was so amazing, I love organizing....and the kitchen is my favorite.


1. I looked on Pinterest and brought ideas with me to see what she wanted.
2. We pulled out everything floor to ceiling from the pantry.
3. Organize items into piles on the counter so we know how much space we needed to put stuff back in. We also took this time to throw away anything that was expired or stale.
4. Cleaned all the shelves.
5. We then looked at the stuff we had and planned out on a sheet of paper what we wanted on each shelf and what we needed baskets for.
6. Went to the Dollar Tree for supplies (the Dollar Tree is a great place to look first, I bought this same shelf paper for my kitchen cabinets....it's so cute and only a $1 per roll!!! Wal-Mart is about $6 per roll.) We were so happy to find everything we were looking for, super cute shelf paper, baskets for everything.
7. Applied shelf paper to all shelves.
8. Put stuff back into pantry and added labels!

Shelf One: Big Stuff
Large cooking stuff (rice pot)
Basket of cleaning supplies

Shelf Two: Can & Jar
Basket for Pasta
Canned and jarred goods - arranged by type

Shelf Three: Breakfast
Basket for oatmeal packets & cereal bags with just a bowl left
Boxed goods

Shelf Four: Snacks & Treats
Unopened bags of chips
Basket with opened bags of chips
Basket for snacks
Crackers, cookies, and other misc pantry items

Shelf Five: Party Supplies
Basket for napkins
Basket for party decorating (candles, streamers, balloons)
Basket for plastic sliverware
Paper plates

For the floor we got these bigger baskets to group together other pantry items
One basket, plastic bags
One basket, swifter supplies
One basket, tea lights and candles holders

Thanks to the dollar tree we got-
6 shelf liners
9 baskets
3 larger baskets
total $18 plus tax to completely organize this pantry, so awesome....

Everyone's pantry will look different depending on how they eat, entertain, and what items they keep on hand. But taking the time to organize will make you feel so wonderful. I love organizing a pantry, I'm hoping we get to do her whole kitchen in time.

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Happy organizing!!

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