July 8, 2012

Lemon Ice Cubes

Have leftover lemons? Why not make ice??

Today we had some relief from the 90+ degree days...so I decided to take advantage of 76 degree weather and bake!!!!! (that gets extra extra exclamation points, I've been going through baking withdrawals. Me and the honey have an agreement that I won't turn the oven on if it's over 80 out and I won't turn the stovetop on if it's over 90 out, which for the last two weeks has made for some interesting dinners. And lots of BBQing on his part)

Anyways with all my cooking/baking today I had a leftover half of a zested lemon...why toss it? Make lemon ice cubes!

1. Squeeze whatever is left of your lemon into each ice cube hole.
2. Cut the lemon into as many pieces as you want to make ice, I had enough for one tray.
3. Fill with water.
4. Freeze.
5. Enjoy with water, soda, any drink you would like a slight lemon flavor. As the ice melts it will flavor your beverage more. And it looks really cute too!

P.S. This would work with any fruit you have leftover or that you want for flavored drinks. Works great for parties.

Have a great week everyone.

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