April 7, 2012

Birthday Milk!

What is birthday milk you ask? Well I guess this is just one of the weird things that makes me....well, me.

I'm not sure when I started doing this, but I can't remember not doing this...so back when I was a wee little tot, and bought milk on my own, so let me rephrase back when I was a rebellious 19 year old and at the grocery store to buy milk if it was anyone's birthday coming up, I would search through the milk looking for their birthday on the date stamped on the container... This became their birthday milk. It sucks when you look and can't find it, but when you do angels sing! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Then I think about that person and how special they are to me and maybe send them a text, letting them know, or just daydream on my own about the good times together.

This is something my adorable honey does for me now, if I ask him to get milk and it's close to my birthday he'll come home and say, "Look it's your birthday milk!" and I get all excited. Ahhhh...I know he loves me.

Well heres to you mom! Happy Birthday Milk, in honor of the glorious day you were born! I love you and think you're amazing!

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