August 3, 2012

Make It Work, Season 10!!!

Last night was girly night with my sister! Every other week we meet and have dinner, do nails, and watch Project Runway, Smash, or Craft Wars...just depending on seasons.
Gelish Tiger Blossom

Nails: I LOVE this color, it's perfect for summer Gelish Tiger Blossom it's a beautiful orange/red/tangerine (Gelish is a polish that you use special polishes and dry in a UV chipping for two weeks, drys instantly after the light,  and it stays this shiny)

Dinner: Same as always Sesame Chicken from China Village, it's the best EVER.

Show: Project Runway, we both love Project Runway and after the first show before elimination we pick our 3 favorite people to win. This is what we picked, we only watched the first two shows last night, we are two show behind.

Megan's Picks-
Christopher Palu
Ven Budhu
Beatrice Guapo

My Picks-
Buffi Jashanmal
Ven Budhu
Alicia Hardesty

and I hope Kooan Kosuke goes along way too because I want to see all the funky stuff he makes!

Who is your favorite for season 10?



    is this the kit that megan has?? my mom was telling me that she got one, and I really wanna try it! didnt think it was gonna be too expensive, but it is 159 on sephora. Do you know what kind she has or if its a cheaper version??
    -kitty (bayles, just so you know which one :))

    1. Hi Kitty!!! No not that one, I want to say the one she has will be about $75-$100 for everything. The light is what's pricey, but I think you can get a mini light now for around $30...but you'd have to do one hand at a time so it's take twice as long. I'll send you all the info for stuff you'd need.

    2. Amazon it will be about $80-$90 + polish around $15 each. If you go to Amazon I made a wish list with all the supplies you'd need. Go on amazon, wish lists, search for my name, the I made a public list of all the stuff you need. But wait until tomorrow, so I can double check to make sure that is the exact light she has. Also, I put two options on the products to get. One is a small pack with everything, then I put everything on individually too.


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