February 19, 2012

EAT: Cat Head Biscuits

Tonight for dinner I made a honey chipotle glazed pork loin, mash potatoes, and "cat head biscuits" I would highly recommend you try them! Super soft inside and lets face it just fun to say cat head biscuits. They are perfect for dinner or breakfast and would be great leftover for strawberry shortcakes...we're trying that tomorrow.

I love cooking, but it wasn't always that way, I never really started cooking until after I was married. My husband's mom and sister are amazing cooks, so I was very intimated after we were married thinking about the food that might be expected of me. Cereal wasn't going to cut it....I was scared at first, but then about a year and half ago I found this television show American's Test Kitchen, well as I started to try different things I realized I LOVE COOKING the more I cooked or baked the more I loved it.  They test different recipes and make them perfect, down to the minutes you need to stir something, they became my in home cooking class. Now they are my go to for any recipe I'm wanting to make.

In high school if you would told me I would someday have a blog about cooking, first I guess, I would have said what's a blog....hehehehe...then me and everyone around would have laughed in your face most of all my room mate who would have watched me eat my instant mash potatoes, frozen chicken nuggets, and jarred gravy almost every night for dinner. Cool how much things can change. So here's to a wonder creative cooking life!

Happy Cooking!
xoxoxo jolleen
Cook's Country Cat Head Biscuits

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