February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Today is a day to spread love...so in honor of that, I'm wearing red tights to work and made my husband his favorite carrot cake.

On the Valentine's topic, I still love drawing hearts like I'm a 6 year old little girl, and one day I'll hopefully send Valentine's post cards....I'll make that a goal for next year, mark your calendars. I treat today like other holidays today is the day to share smiles and be nice, not think because you don't have someone or because your stupid husband didn't get you flowers you're not loved ( their a rip off anyways $50 for roses! Please, I'd rather have the cash). Hey single ladies, love yourself, today is the day to eat whatever you want, get a mani pedi, watch a chick flick, dance around the house to rad music, be nice to yourself you are beautiful! Just because you're single doesn't mean your not loved.

On the carrot cake topic, this carrot cake is amazing! The recipe is America's Test Kitchen, I confess I am a ATK stalker, most of the recipes I'll share will be theirs because they are the best! If you don't know who they are I'm sorry, check it out! If you're a beginner cooker, I highly recommend! Anyways so the only difference I made was I made in two 9 inch rounds and doubles the frosting added walnuts to top! Yummy!

So I'm happy, me and my honey got heart Dunkin Donuts on Sunday, I made him carrot cake, and last night he took me to Buffalo Wild Wings..Starbucks has hearts on their cups,and tonight Top Shot session 4 begins, This Valentine's couldn't be better!

Today is what you make it, don't expect people to do stuff for you, do what you can to make someone else's day better.

 America's Test Kitchen Simple Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting 

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