February 22, 2013

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~What I Wore~

Leopard Fur Jacket || Burlington Coat Factory
Wearing a leopard fur jacket makes you feel so fancy! So one day at the mall I walk into Burlington Coat Factory and there it was, I'm pretty sure all the lights went dim with a spot light shinning on this coat and angels sang. It was $100 and that wasn't in the budget...so I thought Christmas! It was Octoberish....I called my mom and said, "Hey mom, do you have any ideas of something to get me for Christmas??" Rude right...but she is my mom. Deal done, December 24 for Christmas Eve Service was the unveiling of this beautiful jacket that was sitting sealed up in my closet for three months. Thanks MOM!

Earrings || Forever 21
Loving brushed metals right now!

Vintage Tiffany Inspired Earrings || Forever 21

Don't these look like vintage Tiffany earrings! They're not...but that is why I fell in love with them. They are much bigger too, than they look in the picture. Forever 21 $5 - oh yeah!

Pink Lipstick || Sephora Valentine
I was feeling very girly this day, so I did pink, pink, and topped it off with pink lipstick!
{Pink Heart Earrings || Store Unknown} 
{Pink Necklace || BaubleBar} 
{Pink Lipstick || Sephora Valentine}


{Hair Messy Bun & Lime Green Flower with Blue Feathers Clip}
{Gold Chain, Mint & Pink Gem Earrings || Forever 21}
{Blue and White Stripe Sailor Jacket || Wet Seal}
{Tan and White Leopard Leggings || Betsey Johnson, clearance and coupon DSW $7 - bazinga!}

That's a wrap
{you are beautiful and wonderfully made}

P.S. Tomorrow I have a surprise for you!


  1. whoa, I love your pink! That lipstick rocks.

    1. Thanks! I love this lipstick....it's great too since it's so bold all you need is bronzer and mascara - Look complete! Sephora's lipsticks are super creamy too, so nice to apply.


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