February 15, 2013

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What I Wore this week...

I love how long and simple these earrings are, they make a great accent piece to dress up any outfit.

{Teal & Gold Earrings || Forever 21}
I was getting dressed and wanted to wear this gold belt. 
It wasn't working as a belt....then I glanced at my arm (light bulb)- wear it as a bracelet! 
Works perfect...I will be doing this again, great multi use for skinny belts.
{Leopard Boots || Delia's clearance for $12 - Booyah!}

{Gold Skinny Belt (worn as bracelet) || Nordstrom Rack}

Silver and black double finger leopard ring - amazing I know! 
My sister got it for me for Christmas. I really like how the tail curls up on your pinkie. 

{Silver and Black Double Finger Leopard Ring || Gift}

{Lime Green Cardigan || Nordstorm Rack}
{Black w/ Lace and White Polka Dots Top || Nordstrom Rack}
{Chunky Pearl Necklace || JCP - clearance $4 - oh yeah!}
{Floral Gray Wash Skinny Jeans || Target - clearance $11 - all smiles}

{Chunky Pearl Necklace || JCP}

{Floral Gray Wash Skinny Jeans || Target}


  1. don't know if this is appropriate, but I Love you, you AMAZE me..............Aloha nui loa


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