February 4, 2013

Retro Photo App for iStuff || Plus a Cute New Way to Wear a Scarf

XnRetro for iStuff...99 cents. Super easy to use, take a picture then layover different effects.

XnRetro - I love this snow spotted effect
Oh, how did I do my scarf like that you ask?! So cute, right! My blogger friend Stephanie at Henry Happened (click for directions) posted this new scarf style, I had to try it! Check her out for great DIYs and fun fashion advice. I'm still waiting for Michael's to get my iron-on studs so I can make this super cute heart sweater she posted a few weeks ago.

Not too late to send Brayden a Valentine's Card!

Home buying update: We are on house number two, first house we backed out after home inspection....now we are negotiating for house number two, it's lovely! 
Happy winter everyone!


  1. Love your cool snow effect - and the scarf looks fab! Glad you tried it :)

  2. You are brilliant! Thanks for showing me!!!


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