September 13, 2014

Chicken in a Basket and Hash || Breakfast

I love lazy Saturday mornings. 
I have a big project to complete this weekend, but I let myself have a lazy Saturday morning to start it off. 

For breakfast I made a favorite, chicken in a basket and hash. My mom used to make this for me growing up, I thought she was a genius the first time she made it. 

The best part, if you're horrible like me at flipping over easy eggs, this is your solution! 

Take a piece of bread, tear a hole in the center or use a cookie cutter {I used a heart}. Put the bread in a med-medhigh non-stick pan. Crack an egg in the center, let one side cook then flip. Let the second side cook then serve. Perfect over easy egg in the center of a now piece of toast! Add salt and pepper either before you flip the first time or on top when it's finished, your choice, add butter if you like when served. I also add the cut out center to the pan to toast. 

I love me some hash, straight out the can and cooked well done so there's toasty sides. 

A wonderful start to my Saturday! 
Now time to create and organize my make-up looks for Shrek! 
Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!!!


{you are beautiful and wonderfully made} 

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