June 30, 2012

Summer Hair Pony With Crazy Twisty Front

I really love how weird this looks, it kind of happened by accident. Then I loved it and so I made a finished look, love when that happens!

Use whatever products would work best for you hair.

1. Works best with wet just washed towel dried hair. 2. Brush out hair so it's straight. 3. Brush all your hair, except for the front top (about from your bangs back 5 inches) into a pony. 4. Wrap a small piece of hair around your ponytail holder so it doesn't show. 5. With the front section that is out of the pony, take a small section, comb it so it's straight, now start twisting....as you twist it will naturally twist over its self. Now bobby pin it down. Keep doing this with whatever section size you like. I did 5 sections in my hair. 6. Add more bobby pins to any places where your hair is not laying the way you like. 7. Style your pony however you like, I did ringlets in mine and let it air dry.

I love coming up with summer styles I can do on wet hair, so much cooler for those 90 degree days. Let me know if you try this! I'd love to see pictures!


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