June 2, 2012

Summer Inspired By Pinterest

I'll be shocked if you don't know what Pinterest is and a little sad for you because of what you're missing out on.

But, if you don't know it's one of my all time favorite things ever. It is an online "pin board" so anything that inspires you anywhere you just "pin" to your board. You can also name the boards whatever you like to organize your inspirations. You can follow people and "repin" stuff they pinned so you have it on your board. The other wonderful things about Pinterest is it saves where the original pin came from. So you you like a ring, or a recipe, or a decorating idea just pin it and then you can go back click on the picture and it will take you to the original site. All that to say Pinterest I love you, you encourage me, inspire me, and give me eye candy on the regular. Looking at my boards is one of my favorite things to do, it's like my own perfect magazine.

So this is mission for June, July, and August. Instead of just pinning all these things I love, I 'm going to use them to inspire my life. I will recreate outfits, try recipes, organize, craft, decorate.....actually do all the things I plan on doing after I pin something. (hahahah). Hope you have fun on this summer journey with me!

My Inspiration
Summer with Pinterest- Stacking wrist jewels...I love this picture it is by far my favorite wrist stacking, I've been wanting to recreate it for a while, so here it goes.
My stack

I like how it turned out, I used my pink Ecko watch as the center (my Rolex was in the shop...hehehe..) and I just used pearls for my stacking. Two of them are bracelets and the other two are necklaces that I double up to make a bracelet. It was really fun to find my inspiration and see what I could use to recreate.

P.S. If you don't already follow me on Pinterest, what are you waiting for??? (wink) (smiley face)

Do you love Pinterest too? Are you planning any fun adventures this summer?


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