March 15, 2013

New Hair || Turquoise, Purple, Pink

Aloha Friday Everyone! 
Here's an update on my latest hair adventure...

First, I went on a Sally's (beauty supply store) shopping spree. My lovely sister gave me a $25 gift card for my birthday in January and I was saving it for a new hair day. Then, I got a 30% off coupon, dang I know, in the mail! Yippee!! So I stocked up on my basics and a few fun things ~ left with all this and paid only $2.44!

Sally's Spree

So on to the new hair...
I cut it, this will be the second time cutting my own hair ~ LOVE! I first found the idea from one of my favorite finance blogs And Then We Saved, then I YouTubed like crazy and watched some videos and that's all I needed to go for it. This time I cut an inch off and layered all of it framing my face. 
(The first time last November I cut about four inches off and layered, layered, layered)
Talk about saving money in the budget!

{Cut Your Own Hair? || I Recommend}
Let me know if you cut your own hair!!

The colors...
I did an all over chocolate shade and bleached  the whole left front bang area, then colored with Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise, I have some Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink left from November so I added that to the back tips ~ the purple is from where the turquoise and pink met, awesome right! 

New Hair
I love it, might be my favorite hair to date. 

Rolled Up

{Fun things I did}
I went to our friends little girls two year old birthday party ~ Theme Minnie Mouse

Had a great time at the Milwaukee Art Museum! 
This was one of my favorite pieces.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 
{you are beautiful and wonderfully made}

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