March 8, 2013

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~ What I Wore ~ 
Happy Friday Everyone
This is one of my favorite rings, gave you stink eye so the ring seems tougher.
Skull & Crossbones || Hot Topic

I love this leopard ring, all rhinestones...little pricey at $30 but I really couldn't leave the store without it. You know how that goes, and this is why I spend all my "spending money" in the first week of the month. 
Also, in this picture is Tarte lip tint "Enchanted "love this product - very easy to use, goes on like chap stick but smoother. They have a great color selection too! I like to keep this in my purse for any emergency touch ups - it can double as blush depending on the color you get.
Rhinestone Leopard Ring || Express

Art Deco inspired earrings - black, silver, blue, chain, and rhinestone. I always feel really artsy when I wear these.

Art Deco Earrings || Forever 21

I LOVE to mix styles! 
Casual outfit with fancy jewelry
Pencil skirt and blazer with a t-shirt
My new favorite flannel and a fancy brushed metal chain and rhinestone necklace.

Flannel || Target  ~ Necklace || Forever 21

Ohhhh....this is fun! Rhinestone bow-tie necklace, my sister gave this to me for Christmas.
Rhinestone Bow-Tie Necklace || Gift

Yes it's still winter here, but spring is just around the corner!
Cream Waffle Texture Coat || Billabong
That's a wrap
Have a lovely weekend!
{you are beautiful and wonderfully made}

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