May 5, 2014

Style Me This || No. 18.14

Happy Monday Everyone! 
I am a jewelry junkie. 

Well, I really am an all things girly junkie...that's the Grandma Green in me {heart}
Pretty sure I've been playing with nail polish, lip stick, and loving jewelry since about three years old.  I daily (almost) post my wears on Instagram, but weekly I'll be posting here with store listings. Here's last weeks jewels....

>> Monday>>

The Graffitied Gardenia: Style Me This || No. 18.14

Earrings grey seeds || I made those, when I start making jewelry again, I'll be selling it on Etsy.
Ring, big and chunky || DIA airport gift shop, told you I find stuff everywhere!
Necklace, I love these clear pieces || H&M

>> Tuesday >>

The Graffitied Gardenia: Style Me This || No. 18.14

Necklace, Alice in Wonderland 
Necklace, Neon Tattoo Sign || Made by one of my favorite artists, here
Earrings, rhinestones 
Top, black and white with faux leather cap sleeves || Target 

>> Wednesday >>

The Graffitied Gardenia: Style Me This || No. 18.14

The Graffitied Gardenia: Style Me This || No. 18.14

Necklace black and gold with studs || Forever 21
Ring rhinestone leopard || Express
Earrings gold hoops || Lia Sophia 
Jacket camo, this was a great find! I love this jacket. I first saw it the end of summer 2013 and didn't get it, then couldn't stop thinking about it. So I waited for a JCPenny's coupon in the Sunday's newspaper and went back the next month! Still in stock and on sale! I've worn it almost everyday since. I'm like a kid  with a new pair of rain boots sometimes. || JCPenny
Dress mustard ruffle top || Target

>> Friday >>

The Graffitied Gardenia: Style Me This || No. 18.14

Ring, it's big and chunky, really fun Spring and Summer ring || I don't remember, but I'd guess Claire's 
Earrings blue and rhinestone hearts, so sweet || Kohl's 

>> Saturday >>

The Graffitied Gardenia: Style Me This || No. 18.14

Necklace, the perfect blue, rhinestone, and gunmetal gray || Express 
Earrings, my tiny diamonds. I adore these earrings! || Similar here on Etsy Salty Kisses Company  

Does your Sterling Silver jewelry look dull? Beth at Salty Kisses Company gave me some awesome advice, can't wait to try it! - "I get so many questions from people regarding how to take off 'tarnish' or 'discoloration' from their sterling silver jewelry. To bring it back to a beautiful matte/satin 'worn' or antiqued look and to remove tarnish...simply pick up some fine 00 or 0000 steel wool from Home Depot and wipe your piece in one will remove tarnish and give you a nice satin or brushed metal look again."

I have a cleaning cloth I use for shinny Sterling Silver, but this is great for a satin or brushed metal look!

Peach and Leopard Nails The Graffitied Gardenia

This weeks nails! I went to Ulta on Saturday looking for neon yellow polish and the China Glaze was on sale 2 for $12, Yippee!!! (and they let me use a $3.50 off coupon too!) My eyes spotted a perfect neon yellow, then my gaze landed on this lovely peach! Smile from ear to ear. It's officially my Spring and Summer goto, how cute!!! 
I'll do a post later in the week on a super easy way to do leopard nails.


I love jewelry because it can totally change an outfit. If you wore a simple black dress, depending on the jewelry you wore, it would completely change the look. My only requirement for jewelry is when I first look at it, does it make me smile? 

Majority of my jewelry is inexpensive, you don't need to spend a bunch of money to find good stuff. You are beautiful and don't need any of it to start with, but it sure is fun to play!! 

I hope I can inspire you to try a new look, color, or to stretch outside your comfort zone.

Have a wonderful week everyone!
{you are beautiful and wonderfully made}

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