May 4, 2014

Meal Plan || Number Five

Hi Everyone! Here is my weekly meal plan from last week. Buffalo Pork Chops, Lasagna, Tacos, Black Bean Soup, and for dessert S'mores! 

Weekly Plan || Number Five 


Buffalo Style Mozzarella Pork Chops

Buffalo Style Mozzarella Pork Chops, green beans, and hash brown patties. 
I love buffalo sauce, I loved these pork chops! First time trying, will make again. 
Loves: Aldi's frozen hash brown patties

Spinach and Tomato Lasagna
Sliced Apples, Ritz, and Peanut Butter 

Veggie Lasagna and sliced fruit.
The lasagna was a spinach and tomato (picture is from when I made it the first time) that I made two months ago and froze half, I preferred the fresh verison of this lasagna. The frozen tasted a little too earthy, the spinach was really strong. I loved the fresh, will make it again and eat all and not freeze any. 
I like doing sliced fruit for a side, since we weren't having any bread with the lasagna, I added Ritz and peanut butter. Really liked this option, I will do it again. 


Homemade Beef Tacos 

Homemade beef tacos, refried beans, and raw carrots. 
We love tacos, I love this recipe. My favorite taco topping......(my husband is not a fan) BANANA! Oh man, it's sooooo good. Please please try it, fruit with meat is just tasty. 
Here is the assembly of my perfect taco: Sour cream, taco meat, banana, Louisiana Hot Sauce (it's the best), cheese, tomato, avocado, lettuce, lime squeeze. 
Recipe: America's Test Kitchen Beef Tacos (Changes: I add a teaspoon of Pensey's Southwest Seasoning and double the cayenne pepper.)
Marked: 30 Minute Meal 

Flour tortillas? Gas range? PERFECT!
Stand there the whole time, don't burn your house down.
Flipping and rotating to warm and brown slightly
maybe 10-15 seconds per side, on high. 
Foil pouch to keep them warm.
Dinner time!
If you don't have a gas range: Make the foil pouch,
add tortillas, and pop them in the oven to warm. 


Date Night

Homemade Black Bean Soup 

Homemade Black Bean Soup (crockpot)
This was leftover from last month, in the freezer. Most soups freeze perfectly. This was just as tasty the second time around! I love this soup. I defrosted the night before in the fridge. 
Recipe: America's Test Kitchen Slow-Cooker Vegetarian Black Bean Soup (Changes: I added chicken broth instead of vegetable broth. Love Pensey's Chicken Soup Base)
Marked: Original Slow Cooker Meal / Leftover 30 Minute Meal 


(Indoor) S'mores
LOVE LOVE S'mores!
Recipe: Mine 10 Second Microwave S'mores

Have a wonderful week everyone!
Happy Meal Planning!!
Please comment if you make any of these recipes and how you liked them.

{you are beautiful and wonderfully made}

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