May 10, 2014

Style Me This || No. 19.14

Good Morning!
This weeks jewelry junkie addition. 

>> Monday >>

Earrings, gold and white feathers, something about these earrings makes me feel like a fancy hippie every time I wear them. || Target
Bracelet, chunky and sparkly! What's not to love, it's a beautiful rosy color too. || TJMaxx 


>>  Tuesday >>

Ring, that's wood, so cool! || Target
Earrings, sweet little rhinestone flowers. || Forever21
Necklace, I love this necklace! I feel like an Egyptian Princess when I wear it. I pretend I went on a trip with Indiana Jones to ancient pyramids and this was the treasure. || Forever21     



>>Wednesday >>

Ring, Sterling Silver and Mood Stone || Fire Mountain Gems (this is where I buy majority of my jewelry supplies, when I make stuff.) 
Necklaces, red and silver chain || Either Charming Charlie or H&M, can't remember 
Necklace, other chain mix || Target 


>> Friday >>

Ring, brushed gold and leopard || Express
Bracelets || Forever21
Earrings, Brass Swan Wings. I feel in love with these earrings as soon as I saw them! They are so beautiful. Handmade from Bangkok, Thailand. The shop owner and maker of these, Charlie, was super nice too! || Etsy NoHolesBarred


>> Saturday >>

Earrings, gold hoops || Lia Sophia 
Necklace, WOW...right! My sister gave this to me for Christmas. || Charming Charlie
Bracelet, hot pink and gold Arm Candy || Kate Spade 


>> Spring Loves >>

I just got this lip color last weekend, I LOVE it! I have been searching for this exact color and a little while ago a beauty reviewer I follow on Instagram posted a swatch of this color...THAT'S IT! - I said. NYX is an awesome brand and a lot of the beauty/makeup blogs I follow all like this brand, which is great because it's on the low end of the make-up price point. 

Ulta (but some drugstores carry too) NYX Butter Lipstick in Hunk $5.99 - Awesome, right! (Also when I went in it was buy one get one half price too, booyah!) These are my new favorite lips. I'm usually a fan of matte, or clear/slight color gloss so I was hesitant with the slight shine of this color, but I love it. It's not wet looking like a gloss it's more of a satin sheen. 

>> Score Card >>

1/I hate it, I'll never buy it again - 5/Shining lights awesome

Color - 5
Wear - 3.5
Price - 5
Feel - 5 


Have a lovely weekend!
{you are beautiful and wonderfully made}

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