July 1, 2014

Weekly Menu || Number Twelve

My weekly menu, number twelve ~ Summer edition. 

Last week was awesome! We had a friend visit us from Colorado. She was going to be here for two and a half days. This is what I planned for her visit and how I use up all the leftovers when she departed. Also, a delicious local preserves and a brown sugar caramel sauce you have to try!


>> Guest Menu >>

Guest visiting menu! The Graffitied Gardenia


>> Sunday >>

She arrived Sunday late afternoon
Dinner: Buffalo Wild Wings and watched the USA Soccer game 
Dessert: Kopp's local frozen custard shop 


>> Monday >> 

Breakfast: Homemade banana bread (made it yesterday), cereal, yogurt, and/or oatmeal. 

Lunch: Sprecher, local restaurant for hot pretzels and their locally made soda on tap! Grape, Root Beer, and Orange Dream. 

Dinner: The man grilled burgers; I fried bacon and got a spicy jalapeƱo cheddar cheese! 
Sides: Pasta salad and green salad. 
{30 minute meal, summer eats} 

Homemade Brown Sugar Caramel Sauce. The Graffitied Gardenia
Homemade Brown Sugar Caramel Sauce 

Brownie Ice Cream Bars with Brown Sugar Caramel Sauce. The Graffitied Gardenia
Brownie Ice Cream Bars with Brown Sugar Caramel Sauce

Dessert: Brownie Ice Cream Bars with Brown Sugar Caramel Sauce
This sauce is AMAZING! You must make it! Really, make it this week. You can put it on anything and it's super easy. I have a list of things I want to try it with/on. 

Recipe: Pioneer Woman Easy Caramel Sauce

P.S. Leftover sauce is outstanding in coffee, you're welcome.

Brownie Ice Cream Bars: My mom made these years ago and I loved the idea so much, it's now a favorite. When I first tried this caramel sauce recipe, I knew I needed to use it for these brownie ice cream bars. 

Brownie Ice Cream Bars 


  • 1 box brownies
  • 1 jar dessert sauce any flavor
  • 1 carton ice cream any flavor
  • cool whip or whip cream optional
  • crunchy candy toppings optional


  1. Make/bake brownies as directed (bake in a pan that can also go in the freezer). Let cool completely.
  2. Top brownies with dessert sauce.
  3. Top with ice cream (I like to let the ice cream sit out for about 15 minutes to soften up.)
  4. Cover and freeze overnight.
  5. Additional options: Save a little extra dessert sauce and drizzle over the ice cream, top with cool whip or serve with home made whip cream, top with crunchy candy toppings.
  6. Before serving let the ice cream bars sit on the counter for about 15 minutes or in the fridge for a half hour, will be easier to cut.
Other ideas with the brownie:
Hot fudge and vanilla
Caramel and vanilla
Hot fudge and rocky road
Hot fudge and mint chocolate chip
Hot fudge and strawberry
Caramel and coffee ice-cream, topped with cool whip, and heath bits


>> Tuesday >>

Homemade Biscuits with Local Tart Cherry and White Tea Preserves. The Graffitied Gardenia
Homemade Biscuits with Local
Tart Cherry and White Tea Preserves

Breakfast: Homemade biscuits with local preserves and leftover bacon! 
I was so excited when I found these preserves! We were watching (I think) Wisconsin Foodie one day and they were talking about Door County Cherries, then this local couple from Madison came on showing how they made this Tart Cherry and White Tea Preserve; perfect for an out of town guest! I really wanted to try it. Then last week we stumbled upon a cute little store and there it was! So excited, it was delicious too! 

{The picture is actually the next day, leftover biscuits. I cut them in half and put a little butter in a skillet on med-high, place biscuits cut side down until toasted ~ amazing!}

Biscuit recipe: (these are my favorite biscuits) Cook's Country Cat Head Biscuits 

Lunch: Milwaukee Public Market ~ Local food vendors

We went kayaking down the Milwaukee River! It was SO awesome! I highly recommend doing this! If you are ever in Milwaukee, add this to your must do list. 

Dinner: Chilled on the couch, had cheese and crackers and leftover pasta salad. 
Dessert: Honey Pie Cafe, local restaurant amazing pies! We stopped and picked up three different slices to go, and shared them all. My favorite is their cherry pie with crumble topping. 

Then Wednesday early morning our guest left, boo! But, we had so much fun! I rather enjoy a quick trip, it's like speed shopping, always exciting!


I didn't make a plan for the rest of the week until Wednesday, this way I could see what leftovers we had that needed to be eaten.
Here's how it played out.

Weekly Menu, Number Twelve. The Graffitied Gardenia

>> Wednesday >>

Egg and Cheese Bagel Sandwiches
Side: Hash brown patties 
{30 minute meal, hot weather eats}

I picked up bagels in case our guest didn't like banana bread or biscuits. She did, which I was trilled about! But, now we had a bag of mini bagels left. Tonight we had fried egg and cheese bagel sandwiches and the husband ate peanut butter and jelly on bagels for lunch the rest of the week.
Bagels gone! 


>> Thursday >>

Grilled Cheese
Side: Green Salad
{30 minute meal, hot weather eats}

I had leftover cheese from our burgers on Monday night.
Cheese gone!


>> Friday >>

Leftover hamburger buns? Make garlic bread! The Graffitied Gardenia.

Pasta with Red Sauce
Side: Garlic bread hamburger buns
{30 minute meal}

I had leftover hamburger buns from burger night. I also had homemade red sauce in the freezer and pasta in the pantry. Perfect!
I buttered the buns, topped with garlic salt, dried oregano, and dried basil under the broiler until toasted. 
Buns gone!


>> Saturday >>

Hedgehog mango, How-To. The Graffitied Gardenia

The husband grilled steaks, yum! 
Side: Mango
{30 minute meal, hot weather eats}

See what else I made on the hot coals tonight, next week!
Mango hedgehog, my how-to here.


>> Sunday >>

Homemade Chili
Side: Green Salad 
{30 minute meal}

I love chili, and it freezes so well! I made this a month or two ago, then froze about 3 cups per quart Zip Lock Freezer Bag. Put in the fridge the night before eating to defrost.

Time Saver ~ Make extra sauces, chili, or soup and freeze dinner serving sizes (how ever much your family would eat for dinner) in ZipLock Freezer bags. Nice for hot summer days, then you don't have to cook anything, just warm it up.


That's it!
A few days of a friends visit with simple homemade breakfast, dinners to use up all the leftovers, and freezer eating to fill in the gaps.


What's your favorite thing to make and freeze for later? Post in the comments below! 

{you are beautiful and wonderfully made}


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