April 21, 2014

Ham for days || Make this

Chances are you have a lot of food leftover after your delicious Easter meal yesterday. What to do with all that ham? Here are a few ideas that I love...

Easter Ham Leftover Ideas, The Graffitied Gardenia blog

With Eggs  

Ham and Cheese Scramble ~ 30 Minute Meal (this is what we're having for dinner tonight)
Scramble some eggs in a bowl add salt and pepper, dice the ham (add mushrooms, bell peppers, and other veggies you like or just ham and cheese), in a hot skillet, add the ham and veggies cook until hot, (add a little butter to the pan so the eggs don't stick) add scrambled eggs. When you've achieved your favorite doneness, turn off the heat sprinkle on the cheese and cover with a lid for a couple minutes. Perfect! 

Ham, Egg, and Cheese Burrito ~ 30 Minute Meal
Same as above but wrap up in a tortilla. You also could add diced potatoes if you have any frozen or leftover. 

Ham Quiche 
Pioneer Woman Cowboy Quiche (sub ham for the bacon) or just use this recipe base and sub whatever you like! My favorite quiche is ham, cheese, and artichoke hearts. 


Grilled Ham and Cheese ~ 30 Minute Meals
Add honey to the inside of one of the pieces of bread before grilling, IT'S AMAZING! I like to add tomato or avocado as well. 

Cold Ham Sandwiches ~ 30 Minute Meals

Burgers topped with BBQ sauce and ham! Oh it's delicious! 
If you are a cream cheese fan, slice a good chuck of cream cheese and use that for your cheese. Put it on at the end before eating, it will warm by the heat of the burger. 
Burger, BBQ sauce, ham, and cream cheese is awesome. 

Pineapple, BBQ Ham, Quesadillas ~ 30 Minute Meal
This is one of my favorite meals! The recipe calls for chicken but I subbed ham and used canned pineapple because it was in my cupboard. I warmed the pineapple in a skillet first to get some char marks. I'm serious this is SO GOOD!  

Make a pizza top it with diced ham and pineapple! 
Dough - Make from scratch, buy from pizza place or Italian market, Boboli Bread, or in a can - fridge section of the grocery store. Don't forget pizza sauce and cheese. 


The freezer is your friend with it comes to too much food. Portion up a dinners worth of ham, freezer bag, and label it. Do this with any ham you won't eat over the next two days. Then plan any of the above meals over the next three months. Pull the frozen bag of ham out of the freezer the night before and defrost in the fridge. When I portion it I'll portion half as slices and half as diced chunks. Only do one nights worth of ham per bag. When you portion before freezing it makes everything easier.  

Other Peoples Ideas 

Happy meal planning!

{you are beautiful and wonderfully made}

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