April 18, 2014

Taupe and Lace || Nail Art

This week for my nails, I used one of my nail stamps. I love how they turned out. I highly recommend nail stamping if you like nail art. Super fast and easy with impressive results. 

Taupe and Lace, Nail Art, The Graffitied Gardenia blog
Taupe and Lace || Nail Art 

~ Basic supplies and my favorite products ~

Nail Polish Remover - Zoya Remove+ also sold at Ulta (I love this remover, worth the higher price tag. The larger size comes in a great bottle with a professional dispenser.)
Base Coat - Orly Nail Bonder also sold at Ulta
Nail Polish - You can use any, my favorite brands include Essie, Butter, Orly, China Glaze, and OPI
Top Coat - Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat  also sold at Ulta (This stuff is amazing!)

If you live really close to an Ulta, I recommend going once a month and buying one item using their $3.50 off coupon! Sign up in the store to get a free Ulta card and download the app; there is a coupon tab located within the app.

~ Nail stamping supplies ~

(I've used Konad and Mash brands. Sally's Beauty Supply also sells a nail stamping kit.)
Polish - I've tried regular polish, but the stamping polish works the best.
Stamping Plate - This is a small metal plate with a design etched into it. 
There are LOTS to chose from. 
Here is a simple Konad kit that includes, mini polishes, a few plates, stamper, and a scraper.

~ Nail stamping steps ~

Step 1 - Prep nails as usual
Step 2 - Base coat
Step 3 - Polish nails with your favorite color of regular polish, apply second coat if needed. 
Allow to dry. 
Step 4 - Now you are ready to stamp! Move quickly the polish dries fast. 
Supplies: Stamping polish, plate, stamper, scraper. 

Apply a coat of the stamping polish to the
design you want to use. 

Using the scraper,
you need to scrap off the excess polish
so only polish is left in the design. 

Push the stamper onto the design,
it will transfer to the stamper.
Now ROLL the stamp onto your nail.
WOW! Right!!

Clean off all leftover polish with a cotton
round and remover,
I like to do this after each stamp;
you'll get a cleaner stamp each time. 
 Step 5 - Allow to dry a minute or two, it's fast drying. Apply a top clear coat.

Once you've done it a couple times it's really quick.

This was the first time using this combo, I LOVE the results. 

~ What I used for this look ~

Taupe (it's a little darker than it looks in this picture) I'm a huge fan of this color! I actually got it free as a reward with 100 Sephora points - Sephora Formula X color Perfection they call it a "smokey violet" I'd say dark taupe.
Lace Nail Stamp - Konad M57
Stamping Polish - Konad Black

Let me know if you try nail stamping! 

P.S. This would make a great gift if you know someone who loves nail art. Or for a little girl who loves to paint nails it will work on her motor skills, creative abilities, and self esteem. If you saw a 6, 7, 8 year old with fly nails then learned she did them herself you'd be impressed and she'd feel accomplished. Then she'd start a business doing her little friends nails for $5 each and put that money into a college saving account. She'd earn and save enough to put herself through college, then become a CEO of a multi billion dollar company. While being interview for Forbes magazine she'd recall the little nail polish business she had when she was 7 years old. I mean lets dream big right!

I've been painting my own nails I feel like before I could write, at least by 5 years old I was painting my own nails. Thank you Grandma Green!
(I did not start a nail painting business though, too bad!)
{you are beautiful and wonderfully made}

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